UPDATE: Two Wildfires In Lincoln National Forest

Jun 14, 2014

6/15/14 – 11:30 AM Fire Update – Firefighters are still engaged in mop up activities on both the South Fork and Raven Fires.  Firefighters continue work to improve the containment line around the South Fork Fire.

The Raven Fire was called “controlled” at 10:30 am today (6/15/14).  Several resources are being released , however, members of the Sacramento Hotshots will remain on the fire to continue with mop up operations.

Controlled - The completion of control line around a fire, any spot fires therefrom, and any interior islands to be saved; burned out any unburned area adjacent to the fire side of the control lines; and cool down all hot spots that are immediate threats to the control line, until the lines can reasonably be expected to hold under the foreseeable conditions.

6/14/14 – 8:15 PM Fire Update – Firefighting resources remain committed and on scene on both the South Fork and Raven Fires on the Smokey Bear Ranger District.  So far, all firefighting operations are going well on both fires.  Firefighters will be working on the fires through the night — securing and holding firelines, patrolling the fire perimeter and adjacent area and mopping up.

Name:  Raven Fire 

Date and Time Reported:  6/14/14, 2:02 pm

Cause:  Lightning

Jurisdiction:  Lincoln National Forest, Smokey Bear Ranger District

Location:  Lat: 33 deg, 21 min, 25.57 sec X  Long:  105 deg, 43 min, 0.85 sec (T11S, R13E, Sec18)

General Location:  approximately 2 miles northwest of Ruidoso.

Status:  Smoke is very visible from the Ruidoso area. The fire is reportedly burning in heavy slash on a 20% slope with a north aspect.  Vegetation in the area is mixed conifer and pinon juniper. 

Resources Assigned:  Aerial resources including a helicopter (BIA Mescalero) and SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) were assigned to the fire earlier today. A USFS Engine and crew and 10 members of Sacramento Hotshots are on scene. Firefighting resources are engaged in FULL SUPPRESSION activities.

6/14/14 – 6:45 PM Update – Firefighters have completed construction of a fireline around the Raven Fire.  They will continue to work on holding the firelines and will be transitioning into mop up activities. 

Mop up:  Extinguishing or removing burning material near control lines, felling snags, and trenching logs to prevent rolling after an area has burned, to make a fire safe, or to reduce residual smoke.

Current Estimated Size:  0.25 acres (one quarter of an acre)

Structures are located about one half mile north and one half mile south of the fire.  There are no structures threatened.

  *** *** ***

Name:  South Fork Fire

Date and Time Reported:  6/14/14, 10:23 am

Cause:  Lightning

Jurisdiction:  Lincoln National Forest, Smokey Bear Ranger District

Location:  Lat:  33 deg, 25 min, 6.95 sec X Long:  105 deg, 30 min, 1.33 sec (T10S, R11E, Sec 30)

General Location:  10 miles northwest of Ruidoso; 3 miles east of Three Rivers Campground.  The fire is in the White Mountain Wilderness.

Status:  Aerial recon of the fire was conducted by the Mescalero’s Helicopter.  The fire is a single snag that is burning in an area of mixed conifer about midslope on a northwest facing aspect.

Resources Assigned:  15 Firefighters including 5 US Forest Service firefighters and 10 members of the Sacramento Hotshots are  engaged in full suppression activities. They have completed construction of a fireline around the South Fork Fire. The firefighters will be transitioning into mop up activities on the fire.  

Current Estimated Size:  0.50 acres (one-half of an acre).

No structures are threatened.