Visibility Ride Bringing Awareness

Apr 6, 2012

(LAS CRUCES) -- Volunteers with a local organization want to help reduce the number of bicycle accidents that take place on the road every year

George Pearson of Las Cruces spends most of his time commuting on his bicycle and finds it safer than using anything else.

“In the last five years in particular that I’ve been riding the closes I’ve come to an accident was a day when it was bad weather and I drove my truck instead and had a red-light runner try to hit me in the intersection.  For myself, I feel more safe on a bicycle then I do in a vehicle,” he said.

Pearson is part of a group helping make roads safer for all Las Cruces cyclists and motorist.  Every month, volunteers get together in full gear and go on a “visibility ride.”

“This is the back of the T-shirt so it’s a bright green color which is visible for quit a distance, several blocks.  You can see the T-shirt itself on bicyclists,” he said.

The roads are for all to use and organizers with the visibility rides say their event helps pass the message that the same rules and rights apply for cyclist and motorist.  Tammy schurr is one of the coordinators of the organization.

“We’re trying to educate cyclist and motorist about sharing the road equally and friendly and safely,” she said.

Schurr says the city of Las Cruces has helped their cause quit a bit.  Officials have created bike facilities over the last few years.

“We’ve had some, in the past, some deaths due to bike/car crashes and our interactions that have led to cyclist so that’s been one of our driving forces and its important for us to teach motorist that we have a legal right, but its also equally important for us to teach cyclist that there’s also rights and responsibilities that come with being on the road on a bicycle,” she said.