Water Emergency In El Paso

El Paso – El Paso Water Utilities has issued mandatory water restrictions citywide for the next 24 hours.

Please refrain from washing your car, showering, using your dishwasher or clothes washing machines, or anything else that uses a large amount of water. The only exceptions are water usage for public safety purposes like hospitals and other emergency medical facilities. We are encouraging any businesses or organizations that can close early to do so.

The water system is still recovering from the freezing temperatures that caused damage to our facilities and the rolling blackouts that EPWU participated in at the request of El Paso Electric in order to conserve electricity. In addition, several pipe breaks are being reported throughout the city as frozen pipes begin to thaw. This is causing the demand for water to be abnormally high while reservoir levels remain low and equipment is still being repaired.

It is critical that you cooperate with these restrictions so the reservoirs can return to their normal levels at a quicker pace.

EPWU crews have been working through the night and will continue to work around the clock repairing and monitoring the system. We ask for your cooperation and patience at this time.

We will update the community tomorrow as we assess the situation.