Water Projects Celebrated Today In Dona Ana County

Nov 25, 2013

  USDA Rural Development State Director Terry Brunner will participate in two ceremonies to celebrate the upgrade of the water systems in La Union and La Mesa in southern Doña Ana County on Monday November 25, 2013.

The project in La Union will see a new filtration system being installed to provide better removal of arsenic and other contaminants in the water.  Construction of the La Mesa project was just completed which included a new water tank and the upgrading of a well and other equipment.

Residents of both communities report they are looking forward to a better and cleaner water supply because of the upgraded systems.  

Mr. Joe Evaro a long time resident of La Mesa said, “We are very grateful because we’ve wanted a new well for a long time.” Evaro added, “Because the new well replaces a well that was located in an agricultural area and we’ve been concerned the ground water could be contaminated from the chemicals used on the crops.”

Both projects were funded through USDA Rural Development’s Water and Environment Program financing which is designed to provide clean healthy water systems to small communities of less than 10-thousand people.