Water Resources Conference

Las Cruces – New Mexico State University is looking beyond the border to find
answers to one of the scarcest resources of the arid Southwest - water.

In January .experts from around the United States, Mexico and Israel will discuss similarities and problems of the Rio Grande and Jordan River basins.

The Rio Grande provides water for Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Mexico.

The Jordan River supplies water in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

The Rio Grande water shed is regulated by two different treaties
between the U.S. and Mexico .The Jordan River is also regulated by
treaties - peace treaties between adjacent countries after the 1967 Six Day War.

16 experts will speak .including Jean Parcher from the U.S. Geological Survey Mid-Continent Geographic Science Center in Austin, Texas.

Parcher has done research on transboundary geographic issues with an emphasis on the U.S.-Mexico border region.

The conference takes place on January 22 and 23 at NMSU.