Nov 14, 2013
Originally published on December 18, 2013 8:56 am

You're going to need a bigger boat for this final round led by puzzle guru John Chaneski. Every answer is a word, phrase or proper noun that contains the name of a body of water or waterway. For example, the actress that starred in the John Waters movie Hairspray, before becoming a TV talk show host, is Ricki Lake.

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Now, we are going to crown this week's grand champion. Let's bring back from "We Hate Bagginses" Bruce Schwarzs. From "What Month Is It Anyway," Saul Hymes. From "Justin Time Impressions" Rich Steeves. From "Common Denominators" Annalee Fannon and from "The Disney Wrongbook," Jason Samuels.

Puzzle guru John Chaneski, can you please crown our winner?

JOHN CHANESKI: This final round is called "Waterlogged." In this round, every correct answer will be a word, phrase or proper noun that contains the name of a body of water or waterway. For example, if we said, she starred in the John Waters movie "Hairspray" before becoming a TV talk show host, you would say, Ricki Lake.

Remember, every answer contains the name of some sort of body of water or waterway. Here we go. Bruce, in 1971, Starbucks opened its first coffee house in this Pacific Northwest city.


CHANESKI: Seattle is correct, yes. Saul, he directed all three "Transformers" movies.

SAUL HYMES: Michael Bay.

CHANESKI: Michael Bay is right. Rich, this company makes the Cran-energy cranberry juice drink.

RICH STEEVES: Oceanspray.

CHANESKI: Oceanspray's right. Annalee, James Van Der Beek played the title character on this WB teen drama series.

ANNALEE FANNON: "Dawson's Creek."

CHANESKI: That's right, "Dawson's Creek." Jason, this actor who starred in the movie "Stand By Me" had a brother named Joaquin.

JASON SAMUELS: River Phoenix.

CHANESKI: Yes. River Phoenix. Bruce, you do this with your remote control when there's nothing good on TV. Three seconds.

SCHWARTZ: Channel surf.

CHANESKI: Yes, channel surf. Got it in, good. Saul, known in medicine as the auditory meatus, you'll often find a lot of wax in it.

HYMES: The external ear canal.

CHANESKI: Ear canal is right, very good. Very good, doctor. Thank you. Doctor, doctor, thank you, doctor.

JONATHAN COULTON: The external ear canal.

CHANESKI: The external, yes. Not to be confused with any other ear canal.

COULTON: Show-off.

CHANESKI: Rich, this legendary comedian hosts Fashion Police on E!


CHANESKI: Three seconds. Rich, step aside for now. Let's see if Annalee knows. And Annalee, this legendary comedian hosts Fashion Police on E! Three seconds. Annalee, step aside. Let's see if Jason knows it. Jason.

SAMUELS: Joan Rivers.

CHANESKI: Joan Rivers is correct. We have to say goodbye to Annalee and Rich. All right. Bruce, this thoroughbred was the subject of a bestselling nonfiction book and a 2003 film starring Tobey McGuire and Jeff Bridges.

SCHWARTZ: "Seabiscuit."

CHANESKI: "Seabiscuit" is right. Saul, it's the school that Slater, Zach and Skreech attended on "Saved By The Bell."

HYMES: Bayside High.

CHANESKI: Yes, Bayside High School. Wow. Jason, this outdoor sports magazine is sometimes abbreviated as F&S. Three seconds. Jason, step aside. Let's see if Bruce knows what it is. F&S, Bruce?

SCHWARTZ: Field & Stream.

CHANESKI: Field & Stream is right. Thank you, Jason. We're down to two. We're down to Bruce and Saul and it's Saul's turn. Saul, to commemorate in infamous event in American history, this day is observed every December 7. Three seconds. Step aside, Saul. Let's see if Bruce knows it. Bruce, do you know?

SCHWARTZ: Pearl Harbor Day.

CHANESKI: Pearl Harbor Day. And yes, Bruce, you are our grand winner. Way to go. Thank you, Saul.

EISENBERG: What a great final round. Bruce, you did it. You're our ASK ME ANOTHER big winner. And we have a very special prize for you. Justin Long will record a message for you to use as your personalized wakeup call. It's what you need after you've been asleep all night long. Am I right?

That is all we have for you today. If you're listening at home and would like to be a contestant on our show, find us on Facebook or Twitter. Just look around for NPR ASK ME ANOTHER and you could be a puzzle player anytime, anyplace by downloading our podcast from iTunes, Stitcher or Tunein. ASK ME ANOTHER's puzzle guru is John Chaneski.

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