Website Launched To Support Legislation To Protect The Organ Mountains

Las Cruces – A new website launched this week to promote legislation that would protect the Organ Mountains.

The website,, showcases local businesses
that support the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks wilderness legislation.

The website is sponsored by the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

Jeff Steinborn of the Alliance says .the legislation would not only
protect the natural treasure, but would also potentially create jobs.

Steinborn says a letter signed by more than 100 economists was sent
to President Barack Obama this week, touting studies which show that
protected public lands are a boost for local economies.

Steinborn admits the political environment is tough right now, but he
says he remains optimistic the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks Wilderness
Act can pass Congress.

The legislation has faced some local opposition, but is being supported by both the Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce and the Las Cruces Hispano Chamber of Commerce.