Weh And Clements Battle For Chance To Take On Udall

May 29, 2014

Credit David Clements (R), U.S. Senate candidate

   Republicans have little chance of unseating New Mexico's popular Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Udall in his first bid at re-election. But two men are vying for the chance to try.

Allen Weh, a 71-year-old retired Marine colonel and wealthy aerospace entrepreneur from Albuquerque, is a former New Mexico Republican Party Chairman who made a run for governor four years ago.

Running against him in Tuesday's primary is 34-year-David Clements of Las Cruces, an attorney and former Dona Ana County GOP chairman making his first run at elected office.

Whoever wins the primary, however, has a tough uphill battle. A recent computer model of races conducted for The New York Times says Udall has a 99 percent chance of retaining his seat.

Credit Allen Weh (R) U.S. Senate candidate

  University of New Mexico political science professor Gabriel Sanchez agrees the candidates have little chance of unseating Udall.


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