Weh Loans His Campaign $1.6 Million

New Mexico – Former state Republican Party chairman Allen Weh has loaned his gubernatorial campaign an additional $600,000 this month.

Weh reported Thursday that besides the loan he collected about $41,000 in contributions during the past three weeks.

The loan brought to $1.6 million the amount of personal money he has pumped into his bid for the GOP nomination for governor. That's about 70 percent of what he's raised since starting his campaign.

Weh spent $940,000 during the past three weeks, with about three-fourths of that for television and radio ads.

Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez raised about $721,000 and cash-on-hand of $139,000, according to a statement by her campaign.

Weh had a cash balance of nearly $53,000.

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