What is Trump’s Agenda?

Jul 11, 2017

Commentary: I recently read short histories on despots like Hitler, Mussolini and Napoleon. They all gained power with minority support—but once they had that power they set up a state controlled press and isolated their critics, either by eliminating them or discrediting their ideas. Just like Putin has done in Russia. Every President since WW II has recognized the evil intent of leaders in the former Soviet Union and today’s Russia—except Trump.

In his first meeting with Putin—Trump said it is an honor to meet you and lets work together on cyber security. Was our 70 year experience with this country’s leaders wrong or does our current President and his henchmen have a hidden agenda?

Trump would like to have unlimited control of the U.S.--just like Putin or the Saudi Kingdom. He doesn’t want to deal with the pesky press or the two other branches of government—even though they are controlled by his party. 

Why else does he call media outlets that disagree with him fake news, any opposition disparaging names like Lying Ted, Little Marco or Crooked Hilary, or Judges that don’t rule in his favor, biased?

Trump is not comfortable with being a President of a country based on democratic principles. We better watch out or we may go the way of other autocratic countries.