Wife Rescued, Search Continues For NM Man

Oct 24, 2013

Search and rescue teams are scouring northern New Mexico for a Tres Piedras man who became separated from his wife after their car got stuck.

Authorities say they're hoping clues found Wednesday will narrow the search for 55-year-old Edward "Ned" Labjevardi.

Labjevardi's wife told authorities she and her husband initially waited for help after becoming stranded Oct. 13 but then decided to hike toward civilization. On day three of the trek, they became separated.

Authorities say the woman searched for her husband and then hiked along the Rio Brazo to a deserted campground, where she waited for two nights for her husband and for help.

The woman was rescued by hunters Sunday. That's when the search for her husband began.

New Mexico State Police, the Civil Air Patrol and volunteers are helping with the search.

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