Wildfire Visible From Las Cruces; Dripping Springs Natural Area Closed

Las Cruces – A transition occurred Monday between the local BLM office with the Gila / Las Cruces Type 3 Incident Management Team.

Fire Behavior: Moderate fire behavior was observed Monday. The fire was backing most of the day against the wind. Some isolated torching occurred. Flame lengths today were averaging one to two feet. Most of the active fire was on the western edges of the fire. The fire is located on very steep rugged terrain.

Suppression Actions: Crews concentrated efforts in Soledad Canyon. They constructed fire line to try to prevent fire from moving farther west. A type 3 helicopter was used to conduct recon missions to observe fire movement and planning.

Resources: 1 - type 3 helicopter, 2 - type 1 hand crews, 2 - type 2 hand crews, 3 - engines, and various overhead for a total of 100 personnel.

Structures Threatened: No structures are threatened.

Closures: Dripping Springs Natural Area (DSNA), Bar Canyon Trail, and Soledad Canyon Trail are closed to the Public.