Without A Single PAC Donation, Beto For Texas Raises $1.7 Million In Quarter 3

Oct 11, 2017

Commentary: El Paso, TX – The Beto for Texas campaign, built by grassroots supporters across the state, raised $1.7 million in the FEC reporting period ending Sept. 30. This includes $0 from PACs and 32,969 individual donations -- surpassing the Cruz campaign by nearly 7,000 individual contributions.

Credit Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D)-TX 16

“Unlike nearly every single other campaign in the country, we don't take PAC money and are 100% focused on Texans, our communities across the state and the things we can do together to make Texas better,” said Rep. O’Rourke. “This energy of a people-powered campaign raised $1.7 million over the last three months, with much of it coming from Texans wanting to put our state and our country on a better course.”

Since the launch of the campaign for Senate on March 31, Beto O’Rourke has already hosted more than 70 public events including town halls, runs, and coffees, launched a grassroots field program, and connected with Texans across the state including his 34 day “Town Haulin’ Across Texas” statewide swing. From El Paso, Del Rio and Brownsville to Victoria, Sherman, Longview, Wichita Falls, Amarillo, Fort Stockton, Nacogdoches, Fort Worth, Killeen, Houston and other communities across the state, O’Rourke has had candid conversations with families who are looking for new ideas, stronger leadership, and an advocate for Texas that answers to the people and not the PACs.

In August alone, open town halls were hosted where attendees heard directly from Beto about his positive vision for Texas and his approach for higher-paying jobs, immigration reform, and access to quality, affordable healthcare. With an open dialogue and no scripted questions, Texans know exactly where Beto stands on issues, and whose side he stands on.


Total Raised in Q3 - $1.7 M

PAC money raised - $0

Percent of donations from Texas - 76%