WNMU Approves Domestic Partnership Benefits; Tuition Increase

May 15, 2013

Silver City, NM – The Western New Mexico University Board of Regents, at its annual spring meeting voted unanimously to pass domestic partnership benefits for university employees.

The vote of approval was the culmination of efforts by both faculty and staff senates that had within their own bodies passed votes in favor for the benefits. With the board’s approval, domestic partners are now eligible for insurance benefits. The couples must meet the legally required standards as set forth by the university’s insurance carrier.

“By offering domestic partnership benefits the university not only is treating employees more fairly, we will also be able to attract applicants who now see us as an inclusive place to work,” professor and Faculty Senate President Dr. Emma Bailey said.

The university can recognize same-sex couples based on how long the couple has lived with each other and the financial dependency of the couple.

The Board of Regents also approved a new tuition rate of $140.02 per credit hour for in-state students representing a five percent increase from the previous year. Tuition for out-of-state students did not change.

Two new programs were approved. The Detention Officer Training Academy, and the Private Security Officer Training Academy, both certificate programs, were approved to meet the high demand for security and detention officers in the region.

Four retiring professors were awarded professor emeritus designation by the board including Mary Baumhover, Sandra Griffin, John Little and Gloria Maya.

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