L. William Kuyper

A musical collaboration at upcoming NHSO concert

Feb 18, 2016
Leora Zeitlin

Horn player L. William Kuyper says that an orchestral player who steps out in front to be a soloist has to “be a leader, and give forth his or her own interpretations,” instead of adapting to that of the conductor. “And we must honor his ideas,” says conductor Marianna  Gabbi, who will lead the New Horizons Orchestra in several works this weekend, including Mozart's Horn Concerto No. 3, with Kuyper as soloist. Kuyper retired from his position as horn player in the New York Philharmonic several years ago, and has been making music in Las Cruces ever since.

Leora Zeitlin

Las Cruces boasts numerous top quality musicians, including several retirees from major orchestras who continue to share their musical talents with the community. Pamela Shaffer Reinhard, retired violinist from the Minnesota Orchestra, and L. William Kuyper, retired horn player from the New York Philharmonic, met here in Las Cruces, and have now formed the Southwest Trio, with Palm Springs-based pianist Robert Miller.