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Senator Mary Kay Papen (D)

  Commentary: The New Mexico Senate’s President Pro Tem, Mary Kay Papen, and other leading advocates for people struggling with behavioral health illnesses and challenges today condemned Governor Susana Martinez’s veto of bipartisan legislation to protect providers of behavioral health care who are falsely accused of fraud by the State.  The measure – subjected to a pocket veto – would have guaranteed that in the future, providers who stand accused of fraud will receive the opportunity to review allegations made against them, and the chance to respond in an administrative hearing and in dis

Martinez Blasts Legislature After Issuing Vetoes On Revenue Measures

Apr 7, 2017
Office of the Governor

  Commentary: The Legislature has disappointed me in the past. But I cannot recall another time where I’ve ever felt that their reckless decisions had left New Mexico hanging in the balance.

They wasted 60 days in Santa Fe on bills like official state songs and dances. And, sadly for the people of New Mexico, they left little to show – except for an unbalanced budget and one of the largest tax increases in state history.

Martinez Vetoes Bipartisan Bill To Raise Minimum Wage To $9.00

Apr 7, 2017
Senator Clemente Sanchez


  Commentary; Governor Martinez vetoed Senator Clemente Sanchez’s Senate Bill 386 which would have raised the state’s minimum wage to $9.00 per hour. Throughout the legislative process, the bill received broad support from labor unions and business groups alike with representatives from AFSCME Council 18 and the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce standing in support.

Wirth Blasts Martinez Veto Of Bill To Shed Light On Dark Money

Apr 7, 2017

  Commentary: Governor Martinez vetoed Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth’s bill to shed light on “dark money” being spent in New Mexico elections and require transparency from large independent donors. A poll by Common Cause New Mexico found that 90% of NM voters who support disclosures from large independent spenders.

Leader Wirth issued the following response:

Congressional Progressive Caucus Responds to US Missile Strikes on Syria

Apr 7, 2017 (donald trump)

Commentary: WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), and First Vice Chair Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) made the following statement today after President Trump ordered missile strikes on Syria last night.

“In the absence of an imminent threat to the United States, the president must seek Congressional authorization prior to any act of war. Trump failed to seek, much less gain, Congressional authorization.

Office of the Governor

  Commentary: WASHINGTON, DC-- 

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva

Commentary: WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), and First Vice Chair Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI), along with CPC Peace and Security Taskforce Chair Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) made the following statements after President Trump removed Chief Strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council (NSC). CPC leadership, along with Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA), Chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Rep.

Spaceport America: Rio Grande Foundation Commentary Left Out Important Information

Apr 4, 2017
Spaceport CEO Daniel Hicks

Commentary: Most everyone in our society these days seems to have an opinion about various topics.  That’s human nature and is actually a very good thing.  It is good for public information and especially in a technical team setting.  Discussing opinions and different perspectives in a collaborative environment is important (if not critical) to achieve the best outcome.  The collaborative environment allows for understanding of the facts, data, or truth.  Many times individuals feel the need to post a commentary in the media about their perspective without understanding the facts.

Richard Kadzis

Commentary: Look into her eyes, and you see unconditional love shining back. She has an extra chromosome, and that makes her special.

Callie Grace is my granddaughter, and she was born with Down syndrome nearly three years ago, with 47 instead of 46 chromosomes; otherwise known as Trisomy 21.

A Militarized Budget: 50 Years On from MLK's "Beyond Vietnam" Address

Apr 4, 2017 (donald trump)

  Commentary: On the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Beyond Vietnam" speech, which condemned and drew links between U.S.

Ellen Bernstein, NBCT, Ed.D. Albuquerque Teachers Federation President

  Commentary: Albuquerque – Ellen Bernstein, President of the Albuquerque Teachers Federation just released the following statement to her members in response to the changes in the New Mexico teacher evaluation system:

"Once again the Governor of New Mexico tries to divert our attention away from the real issue—the state is broke and our public schools are anticipating yet another deep cut to an already decimated district budget.

judge neil gorsuch

  Commentary: WASHINGTON — The Senate Judiciary Committee today advanced the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. The National Education Association remains troubled by Judge Neil Gorsuch’s record on students with disabilities cases and his testimony about that record during the confirmation hearings. (donald trump)

  Commentary: I want to thank Congressman Pearce for holding a Town Hall in Las Cruces. I wanted to ask a question about Trump’s anti-people budget but time ran out.

The biggest winners in the Trump budget are the military and homeland security. These two agencies will receive tens of billions to increase the size of our armies, to build fighter jets and navy ships so we can go to war and to build a wall and employ more armed guards to divide us on the border.

peter goodman

Commentary: El Paso Electric made an interesting announcement recently: its plan to request a rate hike in 2018 in southern New Mexico will be delayed.

It's going ahead as planned in El Paso; but not here.


Spaceport America Loses Potential Client To Spaceport That Hasn't Been Built

Mar 30, 2017
Spaceport America

  Commentary: “Spaceport America” has lost another potential client to a rival.

City Of Santa Fe To Receive "Voice Of The Voiceless" Award

Mar 30, 2017

  Commentary: On February 21, the Santa Fe City Council unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming the city's status as a welcoming community for immigrants and refugees. This vote continues a city tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees dating back to their first resolution in 1985, which established Santa Fe as a "city of refuge" for refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala.

Pearce Supports EPA Changes

Mar 30, 2017
Rep. Steve Pearce (R) New Mexico

Commentary: The House of Representatives this week voted on two pieces of legislation that would bring transparency and accountability to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

A Voice From Mexico On Trump, Trade, And More

Mar 28, 2017 (donald trump)

Commentary: On March 6, I met and heard Mexican politician Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador speak in a private setting as he made a stop in El Paso, Texas, on a speaking tour of the U.S. Having served as Mayor of Mexico City from 2001 to 2005, he ran for president on the leftist PRD party’s ticket in 2006 and 2012, losing both times in elections awash in accusations of fraud. In 2012, he formed the new National Regeneration Movement Party (MORENA), which has taken liberal social and economic positions.

New Joint Economic Committee Democrats Report: Trump Budget Puts America Last

Mar 28, 2017
US Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM)

Commentary: WASHINGTON – Ranking Member Martin Heinrich (D-NM) announced today Joint Economic Committee Democrats’ response to President Trump’s budget proposal. The so-called “America First” budget actually puts millions of Americans last by calling for a $54 billion cut non-defense discretionary agencies and programs which are vital to securing an economic future that works for all Americans.

An Idea Revisited: Of All Places, Las Cruces

Mar 28, 2017
Richard Kadzis

Commentary: Las Cruces is number 10 on a list of the 20 most underrated cities, according to a new list of rankings published by DK Eyewitness Travel.

Underrated? Should we feel defensive?

I agree with Mayor Ken Miyagishima, who said it’s a positive. Underrated doesn’t necessarily imply anything negative. It means that we haven’t been fully discovered yet, to use the mayor’s wording.

As I commented close to a year ago on, to get discovered we need to create an identity and name recognition for Las Cruces.

White House rejects scientific consensus, guts U.S. climate policy

Mar 28, 2017

Commentary: In an executive order released by the White House today, President Trump seeks to reverse the core policy safeguards put in place by the Obama Administration to address climate change. The Trump order represents a sweeping attack on action to account for intensifying and anticipated climate impacts to the American West. These impacts include declines in mountain snowpack and streamflow, insect and wildfire outbreaks on our forests, disruptions to urban electricity and water supplies, and drought-induced economic hardship to our farms and ranches.

  Commentary: Early one morning at an industrial park in Luna County, trucks honked their horns as they pulled out of the lot loaded with packages for delivery, stirring up dust as they pulled away. Gathered in a small greeting area were a dozen applicants for a part-time job supervising drivers. They were men and women, ranging from their early twenties into middle age. A few had worked for the company previously as seasonal drivers. Some had been laid off from other jobs.

peter goodman

  Commentary: Watching the stars here makes you think about watching the stars. You can see enough sky clearly enough to feel its vastness. When little white and red blinking lights cross your view, that's actually marvelous too. There are people up there! Jeez! You wouldn't see any such thing even 100 years ago. Just from watching, you wouldn't know that those guys aren't wandering around as far away as them stars.

It's incredible. It's sad that a majority of humans in the world don't get such a great view – or get it only occasionally, camping out. Jeez, we're lucky.

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva

Commentary: WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), made the following statements today after President Trump granted a permit to construct the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Republicans Want to Strip Coverage from New Mexicans

Mar 24, 2017

Commentary: New Mexico - In an attempt to gain votes, Republicans in Congress are attempting to make Trump’s Health care plan even worse, by eliminating basic coverage requirements.


Commentary:  API President and CEO Jack Gerard welcomed the State Department’s approval of the cross-border permit needed for the advancement of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Commentary: Hello my name is Robert Hinton. Most people know me as Rob. I am a native New Mexican and have been a proud member of the Las Cruces community for over twenty-five years. However, at this time, I am concerned about various city government actions (past and present, as well as some imminent decisions that will greatly impact our future).

Trump’s Proposed Budget Will Pay for America’s Berlin Wall

Mar 23, 2017

Commentary: So much for Mexico paying for it. According to a recent CNBC article, “Trump will request more than $4 billion in defense spending to build the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, marking the first federal dollars that would be allocated for one of his most divisive campaign promises.”

A New Mexico Special Session Because...?

Mar 21, 2017
Office of the Governor

Commentary: This year the governor ignored most important things and says "she will call lawmakers back to the state capital to renegotiate a budget… without increases in taxes and spending. … if lawmakers don’t agree to her terms for more spending cuts, state museums will begin to close” (The Republic and others).   More “my way or the highway.”