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Making Foreign Relations More Difficult

Jan 30, 2018

Commentary: When I was in college, I seriously thought about going into the Foreign Service, either as a State Department official working on foreign policy in a U.S. embassy, or a Department of Commerce official stationed in a foreign country, assisting American companies to break into new markets. I never became a federal official stationed in a foreign post, but I did get stationed in Mexico City for about three years when I was working for New Mexico Governor Bruce King back in the 1990s.

Media Often Overlooks World's Real Leaders

Jan 30, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Commentary: Mother Teresa once wrote: "The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being unwanted, uncared for and deserted by everybody."

Congress Moves to Protect Existing National Monuments Through ANTIQUITIES Act of 2018

Jan 30, 2018

Commentary: NEW MEXICO, STATEWIDE – New Mexico business leaders today are expressing appreciation to Senator Tom Udall for introducing the America’s Natural Treasures of Immeasurable Quality Unite, Inspire, and Together Improve the Economies of States Act (ANTIQUITIES Act) of 2018.

New Mexico University Regent Reform Passes Key Committee Unanimously

Jan 29, 2018
Darren Phillips, NMSU

Commentary: (Santa Fe) In a major stride forward in the reform of New Mexico’s higher education university leadership system, the Senate Rules committee on Monday unanimously approved Senate Resolution 1.

Senate Joint Resolution 1, a proposed constitutional amendment, calls for the creation of “nominating committees” for our universities that would interview and recommend the best candidates to be considered for appointment by the Governor for serving as a regent.

Medicaid Buy-in Option Legislation Passes Key Senate & House Committees

Jan 29, 2018

Commentary: Key Senate and House committees on Monday passed memorials to study offering a Medicaid Buy-In program in New Mexico after Strong Families New Mexico advocates shared with the committees powerful, personal health care stories that underscored the positive impact a buy-in program could have on health care access for New Mexico families.

“I do not question whether I have a cure for my disease or not,” said Lan Sena, an Albuquerque woman who has been battling Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma for almost five years, “but rather whether or not I can afford it.”

peter goodman

Commentary: I was stuck in Albuquerque for a day recently. There were a lot of homeless people in Robinson Park, so I bought a bunch of pizzas to give away. Food. Warm – and unexpected. 

When I returned with six pizzas, only a couple of tables were occupied. I took a pizza to each. 

Group Forms To Promote Spaceport America

Jan 28, 2018

  Commentary: Supporters of Spaceport America, who envision the development of a thriving commercial space industry in New Mexico, have formed a new organization to support and promote those opportunities to the public, elected officials, policy makers and the media.


Tools to Make New Mexico Capital Outlay More Efficient

Jan 28, 2018

Commentary: Capital outlay funding is a controversial and difficult process.  The demand for state money far exceeds the funds available; for the 2018 legislative session, state and local governments have requested over $2 billion for capital outlay funded by general obligation and severance tax bonds.  The Department of Finance and Administration (DFA), the General Services Department and legislators are responsible for prioritizing these requests and allocating funds, but frequently find themselves missing the tools necessary to do so.        

New Mexico Should Stop Being So Miserly

Jan 26, 2018

Commentary: One of the favorite tropes of news articles and literature is the miser—an individual who hoards money even to the determent of their own wellbeing. These skinflints refuse to spend money even when doing so would improve their quality of life or that of their family.

Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Commentary: Washington, D.C. – The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chair Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM-01) issued the following statement following the publication of the White House’s talking points on their immigration plan:


“Trump destroyed DACA, threatened Dreamers with detention and deportation, and is using that threat to enact his hardline immigration policies.


Trust and Betrayal In High Places

Jan 25, 2018
Larry Nassar / Michigan Attorney General

Commentary: Trust is a precious and sacred thing. Trust requires faith and a sense of surrender of one’s vulnerability to another human being, entity, or institution. Well-placed trust requires integrity and competence in the person or entity that someone has placed their trust in. If any element of this process is missing, trust is violated and a humanly sacred relationship is shattered.

Commentary: SANTA FE, N.M – Today, Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) released its legislative priorities, outlined in the first edition of CVNM’s legislative agenda, which includes priorities such as using Volkswagen settlement funds to transition from dirty diesel to clean electric school buses, protecting the Gila River and protecting ratepayers from PNM’s attempts to pass on the full cost of closing the San Juan Generating Station.

Berlowitz: The Las Cruces Area Needs A Sheriff Chitwood

Jan 25, 2018
Sheriff Mike Chitwood

Commentary: The Volusia County FL population is more than twice the population of Doña County, NM. Why do you care? There will be an election for Sheriff in our County this year, and we need a Sheriff Mike Chitwood type here.

Please watch last night's (Jan 23) segment on the PBS Newshour about Sheriff Chitwood. Seen bicycling around tough neighborhoods in his county talking with residents, you'll hear words describing his deputies like moving from weapons training to de-escalation, like focusing 100% on community/neighborhood policing.

Commentary: Strong Families New Mexico (SFNM) on Wednesday applauded the House Health and Human Services Committee’s unanimous support of HM 4, Rep. Daymon Ely’s memorial to continue the already successful planning process for a statewide paid parental leave program in New Mexico.

Faith-Based and Immigrants’ Rights Organizations Unite To Demand ICE Leave Albuquerque

Jan 24, 2018

Commentary: ALBUQUERQUE, NM— In light of the recent detention of Juan Martinez, an Albuquerque immigrant worker and father of four children, and an uptick of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity in Albuquerque, El CENTRO de Igualdad y Derechos and the New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice joined forces at a vigil to highlight the chilling impact that ICE is having on public safety.

Commentary: Santa Fe, N.M. – Today, Rep. Bill McCamley (D-Mesilla Park) expressed disappointment after Governor Martinez rejected House Democrats plea to add bill barring border wall construction on state land to the legislative session.

Lennes: Why The PR Hype From Spaceport America?

Jan 24, 2018

Commentary: I am really getting tired of the PR hype of Dan Hicks, CEO of Spaceport America, who is trying to get more money from the New Mexico State Legislature and to keep his operations secret from the public and New Mexico taxpayers.  Here is his latest "PT Barnum" promotion - Exos Aerospace Systems and Technologies:  "It is great to see such an innovative privately funded company entering these final phases of testing before launch of the EXOS SARGE vehicle at Spaceport America.  This test will bring them one step closer to regular commercial launches and ultimately tenancy and planned O&M activities that can create new high tech jobs in New Mexico."

Spaceport America

Commentary: Spaceport America, America’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport, and EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of suborbital reusable space launch vehicles based in Caddo Mills, Texas, announce significant progress towards launch of their newest vehicle, the Suborbital Active Rocket with GuidancE, or SARGE.


Tillerson memo was uncomfortably honest about imperial policy

Jan 22, 2018

Commentary: In its clumsy way, the Trump Administration keeps yanking down curtains that expose black mold and cracks in the walls of our republic. This deterioration preceded the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

There was a flash of scandal last month when Politico ran a leaked State Department memo, addressed to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, pronouncing that values such as human rights should be used as a club against strategic adversaries while allies who are repressive (such as Egypt, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia) should get a pass.

Commentary: DENVER—A draft of President Trump’s infrastructure plan leaked to Axios today, laying out the administration’s “principles” for new infrastructure legislation.

Lily Eskelsen García-President, NEA / NEA photo

Commentary: WASHINGTON —Congress again failed to find a permanent legislative solution for our nation’s Dreamers despite bipartisan compromises in the Senate and House and overwhelming public support for the Dream Act.


NEA President Lily Eskelsen García issued the following statement:


Commentary: Albuquerque, NM - Today, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of a three week Continuing Resolution (C.R.) that did not contain a vote on the Dream Act –Congress’ best permanent solution to protect over two million young immigrants nationwide from deportation and would provide a path to citizenship.

Commentary: In a nation of immigrants few things are more absurd than immigration policies driven by xenophobia and bigotry. Espousing systemic falsehoods from entities masquerading as news media outlets conservative politicians have weaponized fear. Using fear as a tool, conservative politicians can influence support for policies that are often against the best interests of the people who supported them, ultimately undermining our core values as Americans.

A Look at the 2018 New Mexico Legislative Session

Jan 21, 2018

Commentary: As the new year commences, we look to the current legislative session with optimistic caution.  Despite a modest increase in state revenue, the budget must address growing state and local needs, federal tax changes and the need for gradual tax modernization.  We will approach the 2018 legislative session with a delicate balance of spending, investing, saving and vision-building for the future.  We will prioritize the state budget to address people's real needs, reinvigorating our residents' confidence and their roles in our future economy.  The legislature will focus heavily on

peter goodman

Commentary: Here's hoping Progressives keep their eyes on the ball.

Steve Pearce, despite losing our county to less experienced candidates, has held Congressional District 2 for years, using it as a platform for spouting far-right ideology most folks here don't share.

We need to get the seat out of ReTrumplican hands. For everyone's sake.

Commentary: I was said to hear that Stan Fulton had passed away. Fulton, the video slot machine mogul and Sunland Park Race Track owner, was the largest single donor to NMSU. I’ve been the beneficiary of research and travel grants funded by Fulton, which I’m thankful.

I only met Stan Fulton once, but it was among the most memorable interactions that I’ve had over the years. At the time, I was a paid consultant to Sunland Park Race Track in their efforts to thwart the Anthony Casino.

With governor and her staff, transparency is a campaign slogan, not reality

Jan 20, 2018
Danielle Prokop-New Mexico In Depth

Commentary: Reading New Mexico In Depth’s 2018 Special Legislative Edition, you might notice a glaring hole in our reporting: There is no comment or perspective from Gov. Susana Martinez or her spokespeople.

It wasn’t for lack of trying by New Mexico In Depth.

Our organization sought comment from Martinez in person at a December event in Rio Rancho and in writing to her press office. As of press time, we have received no response.

Four Corners Power Plant. Photo courtesy of EcoFlight and San Juan Citizens Alliance


As the New Mexico legislature meets, a new report from Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) shows how a lack of positive environmental policy leadership from the Martinez and Trump Administrations is fueling a growing threat to the health of New Mexico’s children and families.  It offers policy suggestions for New Mexicans and their leaders this winter and in the coming year.

Commentary: New York City—A new report released today shows that amid President Trump’s campaign to block refugees seeking protection from this country, his administration has increased the criminal prosecution of asylum seekers and migrants at the southern border. The administration’s tactics, which include referring asylum seekers for prosecution even after they've clearly stated a fear of return, separating families in order to begin criminal proceedings against parents, and pushing plea agreements that force asylum seekers to forego their claims for protection, are a violation of U.S. treaty obligations and due process. 

Lujan Grisham Responds to HHS Announcement Of Conscience and Religious Freedom Division

Jan 20, 2018
Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham

Commentary: WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham released the following statement in response to the announcement made by the Department of Health and Human Services to create a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, which seeks to allow medical providers to refuse to provide women’s health care services, treat transgender patients based on their gender identity, or provide any service if they claim a “moral” or religious objection.