KRWG TV Schedule

Saturday, October 10
4:00 AM
Charlie Rose
5:00 AM
PBS NewsHour
Covering national and international issues, originating from Washington, D.C.
6:00 AM
Barney & Friends
“Pistachio; BJ's Snack Attack”
Barney's young friends help him quit pistachios. Later, BJ feels sick after eating too many sweets, then has a dream about a fantasy world in which he can eat as many sweets as he wants. Except, even in the dream, he develops a stomachache.
6:30 AM
“Bugs to the Rescue; Sheep's First Bike Ride”
Dog accidentally floats away in the hot-air balloon that Ant built Bear for her birthday; Sheep learns to ride a bike.
7:00 AM
Bob the Builder
“Believe in Yourself”
Scrambler wants to be a superhero he's read about; Bob builds a weather station for Brad Rad while Roley creates a surfing rap for Brad's weather announcements.
7:30 AM
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Mister Rogers meets Bob Trow's dog, Barney, in a look at pets. Also: a film about children and pets; Ana Platypus wants a pet for her birthday and her friends have definite ideas about what kind of pet to get.
8:00 AM
Space Racers
“Space Racer Storm Chaser; (N)ice Work if You Can Get It”
Robyn finds herself in trouble while checking out a hurricane; Eagle, Robyn and Hawk head out in search of ice after overhearing Crane telling Coot that they need ice for a top-secret event.
8:30 AM
1001 Nights
“Abu Kassim's Smelly Shoes; The Bandits of Basra”
An old man struggles to rid himself of a pair of foul-smelling shoes; two men lie about their experience to get jobs as sheriffs, and are then tasked with arresting a very dangerous bandit.
9:00 AM
Hittin' the Road
9:30 AM
American Woodshop
“Scrolled Corner Shelf”
The art of scrolling is demonstrated while making a corner shelf.
10:00 AM
Fly Tying: The Angler's Art
“Easy Sleazy Tube Fly, Money Mole”
10:30 AM
Well Read
“Nicholas Kristof's "A Path Appears"”
Nicholas Kristof ("A Path Appears").
11:00 AM
“Creekside Home Systems”
Enhancing a home's systems is discussed.
11:30 AM
“All Stars”
Road-test all stars. Also: 35 years of "MotorWeek."
12:00 PM
New Mexico Colores
12:30 PM
Nm True Tv
1:00 PM
The This Old House Hour
“The Kitchen Came Tumbling Down”
Plants are removed to make way for the porch; the demolition to open up the kitchen begins; a determination is made on how the weight of the house will be supported; and the window pulley systems are repaired. In the second half: chainsaw safety.
2:00 PM
Garden Smart
The many uses of roses.
2:30 PM
Joanne Weir Gets Fresh
“Fresh Beans”
Sweet corn and shell bean succotash; and cedar plank salmon with maple-mustard glaze.
3:00 PM
Martha Bakes
“Bundt Cakes”
Lemon bundt cake; devil's food bundt cake; whipped cream cake; and applesauce spice cake.
3:30 PM
Simply Ming
“Fruit Forward Desserts”
Ice cream; frozen lemongrass parfait with pineapple flambé; and blueberry brown butter tart.
4:00 PM
The Lawrence Welk Show
“The Songs of Jimmy McHugh”
Jimmy McHugh songs are featured in a 1980 episode, including "I Feel a Song Coming On," "Maggie Blues," "Don't Blame Me," "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street" and "I'm in the Mood for Love."
5:00 PM
Election 2015: Las Cruces City Council
5:30 PM
Fronteras: A Changing America
A public-affairs program about the region's Hispanic community.
6:00 PM
America's Heartland
Farming without soil; a supermarket's rooftop garden; a colorful crop of algae; and a seaweed harvest.
6:30 PM
PBS NewsHour Weekend
Included: Sunbelt and Western cities that are embracing mass transit.
7:00 PM
Doctor Who
“Genesis of the Daleks”
Genesis of the Daleks," Part 1 of two. The Doctor is stranded on war-torn Skaro---home of the Daleks. Elisabeth Sladen. Davros: Michael Wisher. Harry: Ian Marter.
7:30 PM
Moone Boy
A young boy growing up in rural Ireland navigates life with the help of an imaginary friend, who is a man in his mid-30s.
8:00 PM
The Great British Baking Show
The 12 remaining contestants bake bread sticks, English muffins and outrageous loaves of bread.
9:00 PM
Austin City Limits
“Cassandra Wilson”
Cassandra Wilson performs selections from her 2015 "Coming Forth by Day" album, which pays homage to Billie Holiday with re-interpretations of such Holiday classics as "Strange Fruit," "Don't Explain" and "Good Morning Heartache."
10:00 PM
Living Legends Music
Orleans is featured. Members John Hall, Larry Hoppen and Lance Hoppe reflect on their success and share personal photos; and the band performs such hits as "Still the One," "Dance With Me" and "Dancin' in the Moonlight."
11:00 PM
Wild Photo Adventures
“The Art of Concealment”
How to find and hide from various wildlife in order to photograph them.
11:30 PM
Film School Shorts
“Separation Anxiety”
Included: "Owl and Mouse," about an owl that watches over young mouse for a night; "So You've Grown Attached," about an imaginary friend who contemplates retirement; "Steadfast Stanley," about a dog that journeys through a zombie apocalypse.