KRWG TV Schedule

Sunday, April 19
12:00 PM
New Mexico in Focus
An examination of the people, events and issues of New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest.
1:00 PM
Healing Quest
“New Pathways to Happiness; Quick & Easy Salmon Cakes Recipe; The 'Play More' Prescription; Rocky Shore Healing Moment”
Season 12 opens with ways to deal with trauma and suggestions on increasing happiness. Also: a salmon-cake recipe and a profile of nature filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.
1:30 PM
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
“Learning About Primary Immunodeficiency”
Primary immunodeficiency, which impacts the body's immune system, is discussed.
2:00 PM
Teaching Channel Presents
“Digital Literacy in the Classroom”
Examining programs that teach students how to become proactive digital citizens. Included: online safety; the lasting identity trail created by online activity.
3:00 PM
Globe Trekker
A global travel series that explores exotic locales and various local cultures.
4:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow
Conclusion. In Birmingham, items include an autographed first edition of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird"; a Titanic photograph and book; and a Rolex military watch. Also: A rare African wood carving from the late 19th century is spotlighted.
5:00 PM
Ancient Roads From Christ to Constantine
“Age of the Apostles”
The end of the Apostolic Age is recalled. Included: Paul's final missionary journey; and the martyrdom of the remaining apostles, except for John.
6:00 PM
BBC Newsnight
A BBC evening newscast that spotlights issues of the day; and includes interviews with newsmakers.
6:30 PM
PBS NewsHour Weekend
Included: ransomware.
7:00 PM
Call the Midwife
Sister Winifred cares for an expectant prostitute; Sister Monica Joan feels redundant as the midwives go about their work; Barbara can't understand why a man would pressure his wife for a son; and the bishop meets with Tom.
8:05 PM
Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece
Harry ups the stakes after a surprise move by Locksley; Princess Marie makes a move of her own; and Victor and Violette are caught off guard.
9:00 PM
Wolf Hall on Masterpiece
It's left to Cromwell to orchestrate a marriage between Henry and Anne Boleyn. Cromwell is rewarded for his loyalty, but he's being watched by his enemies.
10:00 PM
Rick Steves' Europe
“The Best of Israel”
A tour of Israel includes Tel Aviv; the Masada fortress; the Sea of Galilee; and the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.
10:30 PM
“A Hole in One: Strange Donuts; Silverleaf”
Strange Donuts, a donut shop in St. Louis; and Silverleaf, an herbal pharmacy and acupuncture studio in Asheville, N.C.
11:00 PM
Exile perform.