Las Cruces, NM – A nuclear power plant shunned from Tennessee is being welcomed with open arms in New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – Governor Bill Richardson is canvassing southern New Mexico to elicit support for changes to the state's educational system.

Las Cruces, NM – Border militias. A look at the rising tension and violence against Mexican immigrants in the American Southwest Desert with writer Max Blumenthal.

Las Cruces, NM – Mesilla Valley Hospital has added a new department to its mental health facilities.

Las Cruces, NM – Women may now have an increased defense against violence in Southern New Mexico.

Las Cruces, NM – In the midst of its historic closeness to Earth, a Las Cruces astronomer is helping the effort to prove there was once water on the planet Mars.

Las Cruces, NM – Officials say a spaceport in southern New Mexico could be up and running as soon as 2005.

Las Cruces, NM – New Mexico State University is one step closer to getting a new president.

Las Cruces, NM – A nonpartisan group called "The Concord Coalition" is watching Congress closely as the nation's lawmakers tackle the issues of the federal debt, the federal budget, and Medicare. The coalition is led by two former senators- Warren Rudman of New Hampshire and Bob Kerrey of Nebraska. Gayle Gerdes is the Western Regional Director for the coalition. Bob Mitchell talks with Gerdes about the coalition, and about its goals.

Las Cruces, NM – The renovation of a historic theater may help revitalize downtown business in Las Cruces.


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Lily Eskelsen García-President, NEA / NEA photo

Commentary: NEA President Lily Eskelsen García issued the following statement responding to published reports about House Republican plans to move two immigration bills through Congress.

“Once again, House Republican leaders are standing in the way of what a majority of Americans and the Congress support: the Dream Act. Instead, they are putting forward two inhumane bills crafted from Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant playbook – as the world watches in shock while crying babies are maliciously separated from their parents.

Vote "No" on Las Cruces Bond Issue

Jun 15, 2018

Commentary: I am mad as hell -  - Las Cruces is again threatened with more taxes. There is a proposal to have a general obligation (GO) bond election for $35 million. A home owner with a house valued at $100,000 would have to pay approximately $67 a year in additional property taxes to fund various projects. Las Cruces property owners should be angered at this audacity.

El Paso state delegation urges EPISD trustees to delay school closure

Jun 15, 2018

Commentary: El Paso - Today, State Senator José Rodríguez and State Representatives Joe Pickett, Joe Moody, Mary González, Cesár Blanco, and Lina Ortega sent a letter to the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) Board of Trustees urging them to not make a hasty and irreversible decision to close schools without providing sufficient opportunity for the community to provide input and plan for major changes. (Note: A copy of the letter is attached.)

China and the United States are in a great power conflict

Jun 15, 2018

Commentary: The Rise and Fall of Great Powers is a 1987 book by Paul Kennedy in which Kennedy argues that Great Power ascendency is strongly correlated with a strong economy and that decline is often associated with imperial overreach.

Kennedy’s book has lessons for the current conflict between the United States and China over dominance in Asia and Africa. This is a struggle that will playout over decades.

Group Blasts Trump Administration "Censorship" Of Scientific Studies

Jun 14, 2018

Commentary: DENVER—In response to reports this week that the Department of Interior is requiring USGS scientists to submit their presentation titles for political review and that the Interior Department watchdog found no basis for canceling a study into the health effects of mountaintop removal mining, the Center for Western Priorities released the following statement from Advocacy Director Jesse Prentice-Dunn:

“Secretary Zinke must end this censorship. Politicians should rely on sound science to make sound policy. Ryan Zinke has it the other way around: He consistently tries to bury science that doesn’t fit his politically predetermined decisions. From geology to archaeology to climatology, we now see a pattern of Zinke silencing researchers that can only be described as an all-out war on science.”

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