Trevor Hodgkins


Trevor Hodgkins has been involved in the performing arts for longer than this millennium has existed. He studied theatre at NMSU before moving to California and training at the legendary Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood, as well as CBS Comedy on the Lot in Studio City. He has been a member of several improvisation, sketch comedy, and theatre troupes in Southern California and is no stranger to busking or acting out until people paid him to stop. But what he wants to talk to you about now is Dry River Blues on Fridays (9pm - midnight) and Dry River Jazz on Saturdays (8pm - midnight). Join him as he explores the anthropology of America’s* greatest musical forms, stretching well beyond the "dry river" of traditional genre definitions to include folk, Americana, world, funk, zydeco, and more! (*Warning: not all music played will be American)

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Missing a show can be devastating and leave you feeling like a rudderless ship upon the turbulent airwaves. Fortunately, you no longer have to suffer in silence. Set your sonic sails for the Dry River Archives!

February 3, 2018

January 27, 2018

January 20, 2018

January 13, 2018

January 6, 2018

Nels Cline
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Join host Trevor Hodgkins as he welcomes Nels Cline to the dusty banks. They discuss Nels's new album Lovers along with his history in avant garde music, his continued role as guitarist and sonic alchemist for Wilco, and the influence of John Coltrane. All that plus music and rooftop barbecues in this segment from Dry River Jazz!


*There is no actual singing during this interview.

BONUS MATERIAL: In this un-aired clip, Nels and Trevor discuss the Wilco tune Via Chicago and the experience of playing it live.

It's a special binational edition of Dry River Blues as former KRWG Reporter Simon Thompson joins Trevor Hodgkins from the other side of the Rio Grande!

Listen in as they explore the music of Simon's Australian homeland while also highlighting artists he fell in love with during his time in the States. Plus, they will finally answer the question all our listeners have been dying to know: "Where is Simon Thompson?

Award winning playwright Neal Adelman joins Trevor Hodgkins on the dusty banks to discuss the new EP "Exceptionally Handsome" from his band ¡HONDO! ¡HONDO!

Listen in as they discuss the challenges of meshing guitar with keyboards, the similarities of songs to stage plays, and what an appropriate gift for a "Bandiversary" might be. (SPOILER ALERT: something made of paper...or a trophy)

On January 11, 2017, we lost an irreplaceable member of the family: Bob Burns. Join Trevor Hodgkins as he pays tribute to Bob by opening the doors once more to the greatest little jazz club in the world...Burnsland.

We'll hear from many of Bob's favorites during the show including The Four Freshmen, John Coltrane, Helen Sachs, and, of course, Stan Kenton.  But it all pales in comparison to simply hearing the great Bob Burns again.

Join Dry River Jazz host Trevor Hodgkins as he talks with guitarist/vocalist Jeffrey Scott Radaich about gypsy jazz, rock and roll, "referential integrity" and how it all came together to form the exciting  band The Black Market Trust. Featuring the music of Django Reinhardt, Gonzalo Bergara, and, of course, The Black Market Trust.