Trevor Hodgkins


Trevor Hodgkins has been involved in the performing arts for over two decades. He studied theatre at NMSU before moving to California and training at the legendary Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood, as well as CBS Comedy on the Lot in Studio City. He has performed with several improvisation, sketch comedy, and theatre troupes in Southern California, and could be heard reading his original material on air from coast to coast. He has had one television pilot and several plays produced, and could at one time be seen singing songs with his band Burrito in exchange for free sandwiches at a popular Las Cruces Deli near the University. But what he wants to talk to you about now is blues on Fridays (9pm - midnight) and jazz on Saturdays (8pm - midnight). Join him as he explores the anthropology of America’s* greatest musical forms, stretching well beyond the "dry river" that is the traditional definitions of those genres, to include folk, Americana, world, funk, zydeco, and more! (*Warning: not all music played will be American)

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