1990 Massacre Back In Spotlight

Feb 8, 2014

It has been 24 years.

“We didn’t just lose a person.”

Twenty-four years since Anthony Teran last saw his brother and nieces alive.

“We lost a whole branch of our family tree," said Teran.

On Saturday morning, February 10,1990, two men walked into Las Cruces Bowl and shot seven people execution-style.
Four of them died: thirteen-year-old Amy Houser, her coworker Steven Teran, 6-year-old Paula and 2-year-old Valerie Teran.

Police never found two male suspects and are still looking for clues in the cold case.

“Well here we go again...24 years later there’s no justice, no arrests. I find that absolutely appalling and inexcusable," said filmmaker Charlie Minn.

Minn is re-releasing his documentary, "A Nightmare in Las Cruces," that recounts the events that day in 1990.

"I still ask people about it in Las Cruces…you would be shocked. Some people still don't know about this," said Minn.

The filmmaker says he hopes that by re-releasing the film, people will start talking again.

“Maybe that will lead to the right information that will help get justice,” said Minn.

A violent murder, unsolved to this very day.

“These people are still out there…we need to find them,” said Teran.

"A Nightmare in Las Cruces" is currently showing at the Montwood Movies 7 theater in El Paso.

More information on the film is available online.