75 Year Old Silver City Hotel Invites Guests Back

Sep 15, 2013

A lot changes in 75 years.

“The homeless were living in here.”

But other things stay the same.

“These were actually restored back to what they were. So these were original 1938.”

The Murray Hotel still stands today in Silver City. We’re here with hotel manager, Bryan Bishop.

“The stories that I’ve gotten is the building has sat vacant for over 20 was a mess. A lot of the deco features were’s been ongoing for the past 8 years and still going on.”

Over the last 8 years, a Silver City couple has been restoring the hotel once known for its parties and known for the wealthy mining families who would stay here.

“This room would have been for…

Today, the hotel serves guests, but a lot of people, especially locals, walk through the doors have no intention of staying the night.

“They would come over here...prom...weddings…”

The building had to be gutted from floor to ceiling.

The rooms are fascinating...they have kept the Art Deco design in many of them...the tubs and the sinks are actually original.

Bryan and I rode up to the fifth floor.

Up on the fifth floor, which is still under construction, as you walk along, you can be on one side of this partition and you’re on a side that was built in 1938. Keep walking, and you step into a side of the building that was built in 1949.

Outside, the Art Deco entrance is painted a pale green...but it’s not the only thing green about the hotel.

The owners are working on new eco-friendly pipes that reduce the amount of water the hotel uses.

And the staff recycles the materials the city accepts, so they only have to set two trash bins out by the curb.

Up next at the Murray Hotel is a new restaurant on the second floor that’s under construction now.