Another Gold Award For "Keep Las Cruces Beautiful"

Sep 3, 2014

  Keep Las Cruces Beautiful has received its sixth consecutive Gold Award from New Mexico Clean and Beautiful.

Keep Las Cruces Beautiful is a program of the Las Cruces Police Department’s Codes Enforcement Division.

KLCB has been honored with a Gold Award each year since 2008. The 2013 award signifies that KLCB maintains good standing with the Keep America Beautiful and New Mexico Clean and Beautiful campaigns.

KLCB conducts two major citywide cleanups annually – the Great American Cleanup in the spring and the Toss No Mas event each fall. The KLCB advisory board also capitalizes on new ventures such as the L.I.B.B.Y. project. L.I.B.B.Y. stands for ‘Las Cruces Is Beautiful Because of You’ and uses books to educate third grade students on the benefits of recycling.

The main character of the book, “Libby, the ‘Green’ Dog,” is an real-life yellow Labrador retriever named Libby who serves as the mascot and visits elementary schools throughout the year. An estimated 10,000 ‘Libby’ books have been distributed in the past few years and Libby the dog has visited schools throughout Las Cruces and in surrounding communities.

“Libby, the ‘Green’ Dog” books are also available for purchase from Amazon and Barns and Noble. Sales help pay for the free distribution of ‘Libby’ books to local elementary school students.

KLCB has a network of thousands of volunteers who help with the citywide cleanups, graffiti abatement and other beautification projects within the city. For more information, or to volunteer for a specific project, contact KLCB Coordinator James Woods at (575) 528-4506.

Information from City of Las Cruces