Another Las Cruces Red Light Camera Deactivated

Las Cruces – The City of Las Cruces was notified that a request for an extension to continue operating the southbound traffic enforcement camera at Valley Drive and Avenida de Mesilla, was denied by the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT).

The camera, which is on the state's right-of-way, will be deactivated 5/17 at 11:00 p.m. by Redflex Traffic Systems. The City and NMDOT will explore the opportunity for a possible road exchange that will allow the City to fully operate the camera in the future.

The two traffic enforcement cameras at the intersection of North Main Street and Solano Drive were deactivated on Wednesday, May 12th at 11:59 p.m. The three cameras will currently be used to collect data and no citations will be issued.

In March, the New Mexico Transportation Commission voted allow NMDOT to restrict or prohibit the use of traffic enforcement cameras, or red light cameras, on any state roadway, highway or federal interstate under its jurisdiction in New Mexico. The City will continue operations with its traffic enforcement cameras at:
Lohman Avenue and Walnut Street
Lohman Avenue and Telshor Boulevard
Valley and Avenida de Mesilla (northbound direction)

The cameras identify suspected red light runners and speeders by video and still photographs. Fines for running a red light or speeding through a lighted intersection are capped by state law at $100 per violation. No refunds will be issued to motorists for prior violations which occurred at the North Main/Solano Drive or Valley Drive/Avenida de Mesilla intersections since they were in legal operation.

Revenue generated by the system is split between the City of Las Cruces, State of New Mexico and Redflex. The City's portion is used to fund public safety enhancements in the police and public works departments.