Arizona Senators Renew Call To Quickly Deport Kids

Jul 22, 2014

Arizona's two U.S. senators are commending the Border Patrol amid news a massive Nogales facility will no longer be receiving immigrant children.

U.S. Sen. John McCain and Jeff Flake said in a joint statement Monday that agents provided good humanitarian relief and both renewed calls to pass legislation aimed at quickly deporting children.

Under a bill sponsored by the two senators, human smugglers would face harsher penalties and the number of immigration judges would increase.

A high-ranking Border Patrol official said last week the Nogales location was being phased out as the agency gets a better handle on the problem.

Nogales, a small city that borders with Mexico, last month had over 1,000 children who had been flown and bused from south Texas after border agents there became overwhelmed.

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