Best Of The Border (5/12-5/19)

May 18, 2013

Mexico Now A Latin American Leader In Tech Services

In the last decade Mexico’s tech industry has flourished, growing three times faster than the global average. Most of that growth is fueled by demand from the United States.

But without certain reforms Mexico’s progress can only go so far.

Feds Prepare For Tough Fire Season

Federal officials are preparing for the worst this fire season. Severe drought conditions and beetle-ravaged trees throughout the West combined with reduced firefighting budgets do not bode well for the coming weeks.

Arizona Scientists Pinpoint Birthplace Of Plague

Northern Arizona University biologists have pinpointed the source of one of the deadliest plagues of all time.

The discovery not only solves some ancient mysteries about the first pandemic, but could also provide answers in the event of a bioterrorism threat.

Remeasuring Border Security Effectiveness

The Gang of Eight is calling for 90 percent effectiveness across the border. But a new study suggests eliminating a key factor from the effectiveness equation.

Teen Cooking Show Teaches Culture, Cameras And Chopping Skills

A group of San Diego students joins the cooking show craze, learning nutrition, cooking and video production skills while capitalizing on the culinary richness of one of the nation's most diverse neighborhoods.

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