Border Patrol Agents Seize Over $1.4M In Drugs

Lordsburg – CBP/Border Patrol Agents throughout the El Paso Sector were busy confiscating narcotics this past weekend with the most notable events occurring in Lordsburg and Deming, New Mexico where agents seized over 1,780 pounds of marijuana in six separate incidents.

On Friday, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Lordsburg Station were performing line watch operations when they observed footprints of a group having crossed the border illegally approximately 8 miles south of Rodeo, New Mexico. As agents followed the footprints, they observed several burlap sacks of marijuana totaling approximately 327 pounds of marijuana and valued at more than $250,000, Agents were able to arrest one of the individuals and the rest absconded back into Mexico. This seizure was followed by another attempt by smugglers to transport 154 pounds of contraband on Friday through New Mexico. Three more significant drug loads were also seized by Agents from Lordsburg in the same vicinity. All totaled this weekend; agents from the Lordsburg Station seized over 1140 pounds of marijuana, valued at over $910,000.

Lordsburg agents were not alone in their fight against drugs. Agents from Deming, Alamogordo, and Fort Hancock, TX were also busy intercepting drug loads in their respective areas. Border Patrol agents from three different stations seized a total of 640 pounds of marijuana, valued at $510,000. In connection with those same drug seizures, agents also arrested 14 subjects and seized one vehicle. In each case, the contraband, subjects and vehicles were turned over to the appropriate investigating agency for final disposition.

To date, in fiscal year 2010, El Paso Sector agents have seized over $24 million dollars in narcotics.

These most recent drug seizure episodes exemplify CBP/Border Patrol's continued commitment to keep illicit contraband and criminal activity out of our communities in an ongoing effort to secure our nation's borders.