Border Security Meeting In El Paso

El Paso – Today, Senator Jos Rodr guez (SD-29) welcomed Texas State Senators Steve Ogden (SD-5) and Tommy Williams (SD-4) to El Paso to discuss border security issues with area elected officials, law enforcement, business leaders and community advocates.

State Senator Ogden, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and State Senator Williams, Chairman of the Texas Senate's Transportation and Homeland Security Committee, visited El Paso as a part of a tour of Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) offices on the Texas-Mexico border.

The Senators met with and heard presentations from community leaders at the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce.

The visit to El Paso presents an opportunity for the state legislators to gain first-hand knowledge of border security concerns in the region. El Paso-Ciudad Ju rez is the world's largest, bi-national metropolitan area. Although more than 3,000 people were killed in Ju rez last year, as part of cartel-related violence, El Paso was named the safest city in the United States in 2010.

In addition to their meeting, the Senators toured southbound operations at the Bridge of the Americas with Customs and Border Protection and visited DPS facilities at the Zaragoza and Ysleta Ports of Entry.

"I am honored that Senators Ogden and Williams were able to visit El Paso and meet many of the people who keep our community safe," said State Senator Jos Rodr guez. "With crime prevalent across the border in Ju rez, it was crucial that they hear the thoughts of El Pasoans regarding border security and how our region has been successful curbing violent crime."

"We know an effective law enforcement presence along our vast Texas border disrupts illegal activities, and as we begin our budgetary work in the Senate Finance Committee, it is critical we use these dollars in the most efficient and effective manner," said Senator Tommy Willliams.