City Council Member Connor Running For Las Cruces Mayor

Las Cruces – Dolores Connor's January 26, 2011 Press Conference statement on her campaign for Mayor for the City of Las Cruces:

Good Morning and Welcome,

You know me as the City Councillor, for District 2, ever since I was elected in 2003 and re-elected in 2007. Today I wanted to be with you in my District because it is where my constituents have supported me and where we have worked together to get problems solved in their neighborhoods.

In 2003, my campaign was "Neighbor to Neighbor Leadership". That continues to have real meaning for me. "Committed, Involved and Fair" was the campaign message in 2007. I live that message every day as I work for my constituents.

The City of Las Cruces is a wonderful place to live; I should know I was born here. Some of you have also been here since birth and others have chosen Las Cruces as their home. It's because of this great place that I originally chose to run for office. It is also because of my roots that I want to be a part of a process that embraces our culture and at the same time grows our community.

The hotel we are in today is a reminder of our past because it was built decades ago as a premier property. The current owners, new to our city, recognized the value of this hotel as a destination place and chose to become a part of the community and build their business in Las Cruces.

City Hall is usually the first place that a citizen visits whether it is a new venture or renovating an existing business. As a Councillor, I have worked with many individuals getting through the process of setting up business in Las Cruces. Let me tell you we do not make it easy. We need to reduce the amount of time it takes to get from a plan and into turning the sign on the front door to "OPEN". The process should not be so wrapped in red tape that the business falls behind in his or her plans which becomes costly to everyone. The City is the entity that should welcome business with an extended hand and ask "how can we help you?" Let's recognize that it is a healthy business environment that brings dollars into the general fund.

I am a fiscal conservative and the City general fund is stable, as measures were taken at the beginning of the economy downturn to maintain our reserves. Cutbacks affected all departments and now we are at a place where some just cannot be cut any further. One at the top of my list is public safety. We need to have officers and firefighters on the streets, with good equipment, and resources to fund operations. We need an additional fire/police station in the eastern part of our city and you have heard me more than once insist that a new 9-1-1 center is critical. That's why doing business in Las Cruces and attracting new residents grows our general fund and extends what services can be provided.

Today begins a new direction for me after 36 years in business and community involvement leading me to why you are here.

This year's election is November 8th and today I announce my candidacy for Mayor. My experience and commitment will bring a new kind of Mayor to Las Cruces. A Mayor that first seeks common sense to solutions and not the latest fad or another report to sit on a shelf. A Mayor that understands that we have many experts living in our own community, they should be combined with our staff, adding knowledge on how we grow Las Cruces, recognizing our past and how we step into the future. A Mayor that wants everyone to have a chance to be successful, and a Mayor that is humbled everyday by the opportunity to serve the citizens of my favorite city. Join me as we begin this path to November, let me extend my hand and ask "how can I help you" and most importantly thank you for being my neighbors.