City Of Las Cruces Starts Local Art Program

Las Cruces, NM – On Monday the City Council voted to approve a resolution that will create the "Art on Loan" pilot program. The program will allow the City to promote the work of local artists.

An ad-hoc committee of seven people will choose up to five pieces of original artwork from only living Dona Ana County residents.

The first exhibit will be in the New City Hall with plans to expand to other city buildings later on. Artwork selected would be on display for at least six months with rotating pieces.

The public has the option to purchase the art on display and the City will receive thirty percent commission.

Public Services Director Lori Grumet says she hopes this pilot year will have an economic impact.

Grumet-"The idea here is to provide our working artists with an opportunity to show their work, the possibility to have that work purchased and to begin a little bit of an economic engine. The long term hope is that this program will take off and be so successful that we will be able to generate a little bit of revenue to keep it going, to take care of ads and maybe eventually to staff it in such a way that we can look at the next step."

Grumet says the next step for the community would be setting aside a percentage for public art.

There will be a ten dollar application fee for artists to enter work and that money will be used to help pay for costs of the program.