City Working To Improve Flag Display Policies

Las Cruces, NM – On Monday the City Council discussed the display of U.S flags outside of various city buildings. How and when the flag is displayed has become an issue after residents and local veterans made complaints.

The inconsistency is in regard to when the flag should be flown at full staff or half staff and the protocol for holidays.

City officials are also concerned that some city departments and agencies aren't aware of when flags should be flown.

Interim Assistant City Manager Brain Denmark says the City is working set policy.
Denmark-"There's been numerous complaints filed recently about some coordination issues between the different city facilities on flags that are being displayed and conveyed communicatively down from the state governors office. We recognize that there is a problem that requires a lot more coordination not only from a communication point of view, but from a management point of view as well as policies."

Denmark also says the City plans to increase communication with the Governor's office and website which distributes information about flag positions. They also plan to create a more efficient email distribution list that notifies more than executive staff.

Currently there are twenty-one facilities that have flags in Las Cruces and four that are constantly lit. Also, presently there is no flag flying at City Hall, but officials are taking a look at adding that component to the new building.