Community Helping Women's Shelter in Juarez

Apr 12, 2012


(LAS CRUCES) -- Community members are coming together to help neighbors across the border in Cuidad Juarez.

Patricia Hernandez is volunteering to raise money for a place helping hundreds of women living in Cuidad Juarez.

“It gives women hope and a safe place to go that they know where they are, it doesn’t have to be that way,” she said.

Centro de Proteccion de Mujer a Mujer is a shelter for women dealing with domestic violence.  The facility gives victims and their children a safe place to stay while providing much needed services in the area.

“Services such as psychological services, legal services, and other resources that they may need in the community.  They also are trained to perhaps learn how to sew, learn computers, different trades so once they leave they have an option of find a job and find resources in their community,” said Hernandez.

More than 13,000 women and children have been seen since 2001.  Leaders with the shelter say only 25 women are seeing at a time, every month.

“There’s a lot of negative publicity about Juarez and so what we’re trying to do is say there’s a light or beam coming out of Juarez and there’s people trying to survive and bring good services to the community and being that we’re so close to Juarez we just want to continue bringing good communication and services and assistance to Juarez and to the shelter,” she said.

Support from the community both in Juarez and across the border in the United States helps keep the doors open.  Leaders with the shelter say any type of assistance can go along way.

“They don’t have money for food, they don’t’ have money for clothing.  For example, during the frost a couple of years ago they had no water, food or gas and so it was very different to help take care of women when they are unable to take care of themselves,” she said.