County Outreach Program Targets Underage Drinking

May 14, 2012


  A Doña Ana County outreach program hopes to educate parents on the dangers of underage drinking and provide useful information on how to talk to teens about alcohol abuse.

            The event is called Power Talk 21, and is sponsored by the Doña Ana County Health and Human Services Department and the UP Coalition.

            Power Talk 21 will be Saturday, May 19 from 9 a.m. to noon at both Las Cruces Wal-Mart locations.

            Parents can get handbooks from Mothers Against Drunk Driving that outline the dangers of underage drinking, the importance of making good choices and how to communicate effectively as a family.

            Experts say these subjects can be difficult to talk about, and hope the event will open the lines of communication and empower parents to be proactive in protecting their teens against the dangers of underage drinking.