Decisions On High School Transfers On Hold Until Next Month

Mar 7, 2012

LAS CRUCES---Students in the Las Cruces Public Schools who want to transfer to a school outside of their home attendance zone have until April 16 to submit a transfer application.  But, in a departure from tradition, the Superintendent himself will make the decisions on which transfers will be approved. 

In order to make sure all applications are reviewed at the same time, Superintendent Stan Rounds announced today that he will review and act on all transfer applications after the April 16 application deadline has passed.

  “I know students are anxious to know whether they can attend the schools of their choice, but before making a final decision on transfers, I first need to ensure that several conditions are met and that all requests are considered at the same time, not piecemeal,” said Rounds.  “First and foremost, equity among the large high schools is critical.  We need to work our way toward having a good balance in enrollment, program offerings, and availability of teachers.”

Transfer applications are online at  They must be submitted to the LCPS Department of Instruction by 5:00 p.m. on April 16, 2012, to be considered by the superintendent for the 2012/13 school year.

The superintendent’s watchful eye on a process that is normally undertaken in the Department of Instruction follows through on a promise made to the Board of Education earlier this year when the new high school boundaries were being decided.  At that time, Rounds said he would personally review all transfer applications, which must state the reason a student is seeking a transfer.

  “This is a unique year because we have Centennial High School now mixed into the equation,” said Rounds.  “In addition to populating Centennial, we need to ensure the other high schools aren’t adversely affected by an abundance of transfer requests – either in or out of any particular school.”

Running concurrently with the transfer process is LCPS’ Next Step planning, a time when middle and high school students preregister for next year’s classes.  Next Step conferences will be March 8-9 for students currently in the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades. 

LCPS Director of Secondary Instruction Ricky Williams said high school students who have already submitted a transfer application, or still plan to submit an application, should pre-register at the school in their home attendance zone – not at the school to which they wish to transfer.

“Regardless of the transfer process, students should select next year’s classes at the school in their home attendance area,” said Williams.  “If their transfer to a different school is approved by the superintendent after April 16, their pre-selected class choices will transfer to their new school.  Plus, counselors will work with the families to make any minor adjustments.”

“I want to assure parents that children awaiting word on a transfer are not at a disadvantage in selecting high school classes,” Rounds added.  “Transfer students will have the same opportunities as any other student to get their first choice of classes.”

Williams said if a student decides he or she wants to rescind a previously submitted application, the student simply should contact the Department of Instruction at 527-5889 before April 16.  He also said this transfer process does not apply to Arrowhead Park Early College High School.

Students currently in kindergarten through 7th grade who have submitted a transfer application, will receive information about their transfer requests from their schools later in the year, Williams added.