Democratic Party Of New Mexico Supports Striking Wal-Mart Workers

 Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman Javier M. Gonzales released the following statement in support of the thousands of Wal-Mart workers striking today across the United States: "As we continue to be thankful this weekend for the many blessings we have as Americans, it's important to remember the struggle many of our friends and neighbors still face in the workplace," said Gonzales. "Tomorrow, nationwide -- with five locations in New Mexico alone -- Wal-Mart workers will be striking for better working conditions, fairer wages and equal treatment in the workplace.  The Democratic Party of New Mexico stands in solidarity with these men and women and all Americans who yearn to live a better life." "As we prepare for the holiday season, remember to support those stores and retailers who support the average worker and treats them with the dignity and respect all Americans deserve." More can be learned about the strikes and their goals here and here.