Deputies Assaulted During Arrest

Hatch – Earlier this morning Sheriff's Deputies responded to the 700 block of Truman, Salem, north of Hatch, in reference to a domestic incident, after a woman had reported that she had locked her husband out of the house, for fear that he was going to batter her.

WILLIAM ESTRADA-IGUADO, age 18, allegedly broke out a window to the entry door and entered the residence, grabbed his wife and shook her.

As his wife attempted to call 911, ESTRADA-IGUADO took the telephone away from her, throwing it towards the floor, breaking the telephone in the process.
When Sheriff's Deputies arrived on scene, Deputies encountered ESTRADA-IGUADO, sitting on the front steps of the porch with a can of beer.

Deputies asked ESTRADA-IGUADO if he had been drinking and he replied, "Why don't you test me?"
When placed under arrest and handcuffed, ESTRADA-IGUADO, ran from the Deputies, was caught and placed in back of a patrol unit.

ESTRADA-IGUADO then allegedly began kicking the door to the patrol unit. When Sheriff's Deputies opened the door, ESTRADA-IGUADO, allegedly kicked the Deputy in the knee and shin.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene to treat an injury ESTRADA-IGUADO sustained while breaking into his residence.

After being treated and while being placed back into the patrol unit, ESTRADA-IGUADO allegedly kicked a Deputy in the leg and when another Deputy went to assist, ESTRADA-IGUADO allegedly kicked the assisting Deputy in the chest and face.
ESTRADA-IGUADO was charged by Sheriff's Investigators with three fourth degree felony counts of Battery Upon a Peace Officer, one count of Battery Against a Household Member, one count of Assault Against a Household Member, one count of Interference with Communications and one count of Minor in Possession of Alcohol, all misdemeanors.

ESTRADA-IGUADO is currently being detained in the Dona Ana County Detention Center under an $18,500.00 Bond.