Designing Better Physical Education Programs

Las Cruces – Some work at New Mexico State University is helping design more effective physical education programs across the globe.

Kimberly Oliver is an associate professor in NMSU's College of Education .
Oliver studied the barriers keeping girls in Las Cruces elementary schools from participating in physical activity .and worked with them to help OVERCOME those obstacles.

But the impact of Oliver's work has gone far beyond New Mexico .in fact, it's travelled across the Atlantic.

Oliver's research inspired an NMSU graduate student from Ireland.

Oliver helped that student analyze research from Ireland .and provided feedback on her dissertation.

The research discovered that many Irish girls DON'T find their school's traditional physical education program of competitive team sports to be meaningful or relevant.

Instead .they chose activities like aerobics, boxercise walking, and going to the gym.

The Irish students continue to design and evaluate their own curriculum .with their school's physical education teacher.