Dewhurst: PAC Is Spreading Lies

May 16, 2012


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst says the Club for Growth and other conservative organizations pouring money into the U.S. Senate race in Texas are spreading lies about him to manipulate the election results.

Dewhurst cast his early voting ballot with Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday, ahead of the May 29 primary. He is in a four-way race for the Republican nomination to replace retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The Club for Growth and other groups have backed Dewhurst rival and tea party favorite, former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz.

Dewhurst said that outside political action committees have now spent about "$6 million dollars saying untrue things about me."

He called them special interest groups from Washington and said they are, "trying to handpick their U.S. Senator."

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