El Paso Women Legally Wed In Texas; One Was Born With Male And Female Sex Organs

El Paso – Can a person with a male birth certificate but who is now a woman marry another woman?

Sabrina J. Hill and Therese "Tee" Bur were legally wed Monday in San Antonio after being unable to get a marriage license in El Paso.

The El Paso Times reports El Paso County Attorney Jo Anne Bernal is asking Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for clarification.

Hill, who's now 60, was born with male and female organs and listed as a man on her birth certificate.

Her current ID has her as a woman.

The Texas Constitution defines marriage as between a man and woman.

After a medical procedure as an infant, Hill grew up as boy and went into the Army.

A later medical exam found that Hill had ovaries. She had sex change surgery and legally became Sabrina Jeanne Hill in 1991.

Bexar (bayr) County Clerk "Gerry" Rickhoff says the marriage license was granted based on Hill's birth certificate.


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