Evidence In Las Cruces Area Home Invasion Could Take "Months" To Process

Jan 22, 2014


                Doña Ana County Sheriff’s investigators are making progress following the arrests and indictments of three men following a New Year’s Day home invasion that left one Las Cruces man dead, but say processing evidence collected at the scene could take months.

            In a meeting with Third Judicial District Attorney Mark D’Antonio, investigators made note of several pieces of key evidence that must still be processed in the case, and the time frame on collecting data from that evidence is likely to be lengthy.

            The nature of the evidence was not disclosed.

            “This investigation is expected to take time, given the complexity of the situation and the number of people involved,” said D’Antonio. “The forensic analysis alone is estimated to take at least two months to complete. In this investigation, we are completely committed to making the right judgments instead of rushed ones on how to move forward.”

            The district attorney’s office will make the final decision on whether or not any additional charges will be filed in the case.

            On Jan. 1, 2014, sheriff’s deputies were called to the 600 block of King James Avenue after someone inside the home called 911 to report a break-in.

            When deputies arrived, 25-year-old Sal Garces was found in the street with life-threatening wounds and was later pronounced dead at the scene.

            During the course of the investigation, three men were arrested and charged in the home invasion: Raymond Garces, 19, Leonard Calvillo, 25 and Nathan Avalos, 20.

            Two other women were charged and arrested for their part in transporting the men to the residence to allegedly settle an argument that began several hours before the home invasion was reported.