Federal Cuts Hit Las Cruces Senior Meal Program

Mar 27, 2013


The City of Las Cruces Senior Programs serves approximately 136,000 home delivered meals to senior citizens annually. Federal funding cuts resulting from sequestration will reduce the number by 203, and local funds will likely be used to make up the difference.

“The City of Las Cruces should be able to absorb the reduced federal funds through efficient use of our local dollars that support the home delivered meals program,” said Lori Grumet, senior programs administrator.

Las Cruces Senior Programs reports that of the $214,279 it receives in federal funding annually, $19,316 supports home delivered meals. Of that, 7%, or $1,352.12, would be cut by sequestration.

Grumet said local City funding not affected by the sequester for Meals on Wheels is $434,930 cash, $82,000 consumer donations and $84,960 in kind contributions.  

“As our federal government struggles with budget concerns at the national level, it is important to emphasize to our consumers that their participation and their donations are an important piece of operational vitality in the production and service of food.  We encourage all diners, congregate and in-home, to be as generous as they can with their donations to assist us in serving high quality nutritious meals,” Grumet said.

For more information or to provide comments, contact Lori Grumet, senior programs administrator by phone at 575/528-3001 e-mail at