Forest Service Reviews Taos Ski Valley Raid

May 18, 2014

A U.S. Forest Service report is promising better communication with Taos Ski Valley after a federal drug raid left visitors and employees outraged.

U.S. Forest Service

The Albuquerque Journal reports the agency released a review Thursday, saying officers should have considered the impression created by bringing a muzzled police canine into a crowded ski lodge.

Authorities say four armed Taos Forest Service officers and a dog conducted a raid Feb. 22 in Taos Ski Valley's parking area and nearby roads.

Officials say the area was especially busy with a breast-cancer awareness fundraiser and a teen athletic competition.

Lodge operators say the raid had a negative impact on the ski area's image and questioned the tone and demeanor of officers.

The officers, however, say they found 13 violations including speeding and marijuana possession.

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