High School Transfer Application Deadline Friday

May 23, 2012



LAS CRUCES – High school students who want to apply for a transfer to a school other than the school in their home attendance zone must submit a transfer application by 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 25, 2012, to the LCPS Department of Instruction, located in the LCPS administration building, 505 S. Main. Jo Galvan, LCPS communications director, said after Friday, the next opportunity to apply for a high school transfer will be during the traditional transfer period —February 1 through April 15 of each school year.

              Galvan said the only exceptions to Friday’s deadline are for high school students who are new to the Las Cruces district or for students who have extenuating circumstances that indicate a new school would be necessary.  Parents of students who fall within these two situations can submit applications after Friday, she said.

              “Applications for a high school transfer must come to an end so that the high schools can finalize preparations for next school year,” Galvan said.  “Preparations by school principals include finalizing the number of employees on their staffs, which is based on the number of students who will attend their schools next year.”

The latest projected enrollment figures for the four large high schools for next school year are as follows:  Centennial High – 1,165; Las Cruces High – 1,924; Mayfield High – 1,963; and Oñate High – 2,019.   Officials expect slight adjustments to the figures based on final transfers that are submitted, the exit of some families that move during the summer, or new families moving into Las Cruces.

Superintendent Stan Rounds personally reviewed high school transfers over the last several months to ensure projected enrollments were not negatively impacted, particularly because of Centennial High School, Galvan said.

“We’re really pleased with the number of ninth-, tenth- and 11th graders who’ll be the first Centennial High students,” Galvan added.  “The Superintendent has long been saying that 1,200 students would be an ideal starting pointfor the new school and based on today’s figures, it looks like we’re going to be really close to that mark.”

Parents who have questions about transfer applications should contact Ricky Williams, the director of secondary instruction, at 527-5889 or