King: Martinez Ad Is "Nasty Smear Campaign"

Jul 8, 2014

  Governor Martinez' campaign sunk to a new low yesterday as they released a video from July, 2012 in a blatant effort to mislead and misinform New Mexicans while smearing Attorney General Gary King. This desperate attempt comes as Martinez seeks another four year term as Governor of New Mexico.

The Albuquerque Journal reported Tuesday that Martinez' campaign alleges that a July, 2012 video shows Attorney General Gary King was aware of a federal investigation into the interception of emails from Martinez’s 2010 campaign website before his office released many of those emails to media outlets six months later.  

This claim is patently false and is proven to be a blatant lie on behalf of the governor’s campaign. The video clip in reference is from a July 6, 2012 press conference, held by Attorney General King, to discuss intimidation attempts being made to keep his office from fully investigating the Martinez administration alleged violations of the New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act.  The press conference presented by the Martinez camp is completely unrelated to the governor’s other email scandals.

"I am disappointed that the governor's campaign has let facts go to the wayside as they attempt to deceive New Mexican families with out of context quotes and a nasty smear campaign," said Attorney General King. 

"It is clear that this Administration wants to talk about anything except their record over the past four years. It has been an unmitigated disaster; from intentionally hiding their shadow government and conversations behind personal email accounts, to targeting immigrant families, to letting New Mexico fall behind all the other Western States in job growth and economic development. I certainly understand why the Governor and her team want to focus on attacking me with malicious, misinformed, ads. New Mexico deserves better, and I look forward to debating the Governor on the actual issues later this year; not baseless and out of context claims."

"These tactics reek of desperation in the Governor's camp," said Keith Breitbach, King’s campaign manager. "Clearly Governor Martinez is willing to do or say anything to retain her grip on power, even if it means misrepresenting facts, or even worse, out-and-out lying. Gary King, and his family, have a tremendous record of service and a legacy that all New Mexicans can take pride in. We look forward to discussing that on this campaign and we will not be distracted by amateur political tricks such as this.”

“The real scandal here is not about emails. The real scandal is about one in three kids going to bed hungry every night while New Mexico is 50th in childhood well-being, last in job creation and under siege with pay to play scandals. New Mexicans deserve a governor who is as real and honest as they are,” said Breitbach.


The following are the links to Attorney General King’s full press conference Published on Jul 6, 2012.

In these videos Attorney General Gary King discusses intimidation attempts being made to keep his office from fully investigating alleged violations of the New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act in Governor Martinez' administration.

PART 1: 


PART 2: 


Section taken out of context is found at approximately: 2:40