KRWG ALERT: Las Cruces Fire Department Warns About Possible Scam

Las Cruces – The Las Cruces Fire Department wants residents to be aware of an out-of-state organization that has sent solicitation material to at least one local resident, and is not affiliated or endorsed by any fire department within Dona Ana County.

The solicitation, sent via the U.S. Postal Service to a resident of Dona Ana County, is from an organization called the "Firefighters Support Services" of Livonia, Mich. The solicitation appears to be in the form of a bill and asks the recipient to submit a "donation" of $10.

The local resident who received the letter contacted the Las Cruces Fire Department to check the legitimacy of the organization. LCFD is not aware of, or affiliated with, any such organization. Administration at LCFD contacted officials with the Dona Ana County Fire Department who also confirmed that they are not affiliated with the "Firefighters Support Services."

In addition, LCFD administrators contacted the Better Business Bureau who indicated that they have been unable to confirm the legitimacy of the "Firefighters Support Services."

Recipients of any solicitations - especially solicitations from an organization not known to the recipient - are encouraged to refrain from responding or submitting a donation unless they are absolutely sure of the legitimacy of the organization, association or party.