KRWG Launches New 24-Hour International Channel

Jun 13, 2012

KRWG-TV, Las Cruces, is proud to announce a new channel is available
in our community.  MHz Worldview is a 24-hour service providing
international programming, including news and public affairs from
across the globe.  Most programs are broadcast in English or with
English subtitles.  MHz Worldview is available over the air on channel
22.2, complementing KRWG-TV's other services on 22.1 (PBS) and 22.3
(V-me).  It is also available on Comcast channel 199 in Las Cruces and
Comcast channel 81 in Silver City.  In addition, a live stream of the
channel is available under the "television" tab online at

MHz Worldview is a national, independent, non-commercial channel
presenting fresh, relevant English-language international content
including news, documentaries, cultural programming, dramas, films &
mysteries, music and sports.

Known for its 'Programming for globally-minded people,' MHz Worldview
serves as a liaison in bringing programs and understanding from around
the world to American audiences. With a belief in promoting and
illuminating world awareness, MHz Worldview delivers a wide range of
world dynamics, showing all the world has to offer, direct from the
source, without political or commercial confines.

Complemented with original content on-air and online, MHz Worldview is
a one-of-a-kind channel, available as a digital programming choice for
U.S. public TV stations and other content distributors.

MHz Worldview content stems from prominent broadcasters such as: Al
Jazeera English, Arirang TV, Asian News International, Deutsche Welle,
Ethiopian TV, euronews, FCI, France 24, Israel Broadcasting Authority,
MAC TV, NHK World TV, RT and VTV4, as well as local & independent
producers, global content providers and original MHz Networks