Las Cruces Confiscates $2500 In Illegal Fireworks

Jul 8, 2014

  Las Cruces fire, police and codes enforcement confiscated an estimated $2,500 worth of illegal fireworks and responded to several hundred calls related to fireworks during the 2014 season when vendors were allowed to sell their products.

The $2,500 worth of illegal fireworks confiscated included several varieties deemed illegal for use or possession within city limits including aerial and ground audible devices. Such fireworks deemed illegal within city limits include aerial spinners, helicopters, mines, missile-type rockets, Roman candles, shells, stick-type rockets, chasers and firecrackers.

A total of 436 fireworks-related calls, or complaints, were received and 15 citations were issued between June 20 and July 6. Legal fireworks were allowed to be sold within city limits between those dates. The fire department also responded to three brush fires and nine dumpster fires believed to be started by fireworks.

In 2013 Las Cruces fire, police and codes enforcement responded to 323 fireworks-related calls for service and issued 25 citations.

No major injuries related to the use of fireworks were reported.

Illegal fireworks confiscated by fire, police and codes enforcement will eventually be turned over for destruction by the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad.

Information from Las Cruces Police