Las Cruces Considers Completing Roadrunner Parkway

Dec 10, 2013

For the first time, the Las Cruces City Council talked about the unfinished stretch of Roadrunner Parkway in a work session.

Gill Sorg represents District 5, where the road is missing a piece. Before the meeting, he went to city manager Robert Garza for advice.

“So he said, well lets try a special assessment district…I can see by the numbers…this is a real possibility that we could do.”

The city estimates it will take about $4.8 million to finish it.

“Of that…the city would only be in…for $1.1 million to $1.4 million.”

An arroyo runs through the area, making it eligible for flood control money.

“Of that we could use…to help build the bridge part.”

Councilors at the meeting seemed to favor assessing landowners of empty land instead of homeowners to pay for the road.

Another option is for residents to volunteer to pay the city to finish the road soon and repay that debt over time.

Do you see the potential for development in the next ten years?

“I think if the street was built, there will be more development coming sooner.”

I asked managing director of the Las Cruces Homebuilders Association, Steve Chavira, whether this project is worth it.

Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

“Well it depends…the scope of that project can go…9 or 10 years…the economy can change…lot of things that can happen.”

Again Gill Sorg…

After this, what comes next?

“Well have to have a commitment by the staff to get started…”