Las Cruces Considers New RV Rules

Las Cruces, NM – The city has been receiving complaints from residents concerned about neighbors that are not in compliance with recently imposed rules on recreational vehicles.

Currently, RV's have a fourteen day limit for being parked in front of a home and must have no more than four wheels. They are also not allowed to be parked on the street.

City officials say the complaints mostly come from neighborhoods located on the outskirts of Las Cruces and have a greater number of recreational vehicles.

Mayor Ken Miyagishima says people are finding ways around the current rules.

Miyagishima-"Shortly after we revised the RV parking regulations we limited based on the number of wheels the RV had, I think it was 4. At the last minute there we allowed them to have up to two weeks to live in the RV. Well, what has happened now is someone lives in it for two weeks, they drive off and come back a couple days later and they live in it again. That wasn't the intent of what the ordinance was."

On Tuesday the City Council decided that some changes to the ordinance need to be made and as soon as possible.

Miyagishima says the council will determine whether the time will be reduced to three or no more than five days.

Revisions to the ordinance will be made and be presentedto the City Council to review in about a month.