Las Cruces Group Plans Voter Registration Drive In Anticipation Of November Minimum Wage Vote

Aug 5, 2014

  LAS CRUCES— The Las Cruces City Council and Mayor Ken Miyagishima voted unanimously to approve the city clerk’s certification of the 2,257 valid signatures necessary to move CAFe’s ordinance to improve wages to $10.10 by 2017 forward.  According to the city charter, the ordinance moves forward to the next step, which is the first reading scheduled for Monday, 8/18.  Afterwards the city will vote either for or against the ordinance.  If they vote against the ordinance, then Las Cruces voters get a chance to have their say in an election.


“I want to thank Mayor Ken Miyagishima and the city council for validating this historical ballot initiative,” stated Sarah Nolan, CAFé Executive Director.  “Today was a win for constituents who want to actively participate in shaping the future of our community,” she added.  “People want to be part of the solution and not treated as if they are the problem.  As a mother, I care about my daughter’s future in our community, and it is unacceptable for New Mexico to be ranked at the bottom in child well-being.  Civic engagement is more than raising awareness about how local government works, it is about giving people the opportunity to participate to transform their lives and the policy that impacts their daily lives.”


“We applaud the mayor and city council for recognizing the value of this historical moment for our city,” declared Ken Servais, CAFe leader and member of Immaculate Heart of Mary Cathedral.  “Our congregation team collected hundreds of signatures from members of our parish who were excited about having an active part in shaping our future in line with our Catholic belief that each child of God matters.”


 “We’re excited to move forward onto the next step in our ballot initiative,” declared Angelica Rubio, campaign manager, “but we are fully aware that the city council could vote against our ordinance to improve wages to $10.10 by 2017; therefore we have taken steps to meet with the county clerk’s office, and secure an opinion from the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office specific to holding a concurrent and combined election in Las Cruces in November.  We have provided both county and city officials all the pertinent information they requested, and are confident that they will adhere to the letter of the law and allow our citizens to vote.”  


CAFe’s faith community is preparing to register thousand of voters in Las Cruces.  In addition, they will continue to engage the over 6,000 voters who signed the petition inviting them to the city council meetings on August 18th and September 8th.


For more information call Angelica Rubio at (575) 616-1151 or refer to CAFé’s website:   If you did not get a chance to sign the petition to improve wages to $10.10 by 2017, you can still register to vote or pledge your commitment to vote in November at the CAFé offices located at 133 Wyatt Drive, Suite #1.  


Join the Dignity Movement! This is the beginning of our dignity movement in Las Cruces and across the nation.  We are building a multi-faith community of leaders that values all of God’s children and brings dignity to the forefront.